So if you follow my blog, maybe you noticed my posting hasn’t been very regular or frequent lately. I want to explain why – well, no. Not just explain. I want to share.

In April 2013 my daughter was born, and a few weeks later I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. It’s lasted a long time (over a year). The worst of it was at the beginning, and I’m so grateful that those days are past, but it’s still been an up-and-down ride for a while now. That’s why blogging has kind of taken a back seat.

I didn’t know anything about depression, really, before I got it. All I had were misconceptions. So I wrote a post at our family blog about my depression and what it was like. I would love for you to read it. If you’ve gone through depression or are going through it, I like to think it will help. If you haven’t, I like to think it will help even more. I try to explain very clearly what depression is like and give some analogies. If you don’t know someone going through depression now I’m sure you will someday, so if you don’t know anything about it (or think you do but maybe you don’t know a ton), I highly encourage you to read it.

Thank you for being patient with me and especially for all your comments on my posts. I can’t tell you how much they all mean to me, all of the thank-you’s and stories of how the games worked for your class or your family. I love hearing about it! And now that I am feeling better and better (even if not all the way there yet), I’ve got some posts in the pipeline that should be coming soon. 🙂

Read about my experience with postpartum depression.

I'm seeing sunny days ahead now
I’m seeing sunny days ahead now

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