What it is: A simple drawing game for two players, good for younger kids. It’s also one of the games my mom used to keep me and my sisters quiet during church. 🙂

Best for: 2 players.

What you need: A pen for each player and a pad of paper to draw on.

How to play: Start by drawing a line down the center of your paper:

Say Jackie and T.J. are playing. Jackie starts by drawing something, anything, on her side of the paper:

Then T.J. has to draw the same thing on his side of the paper:

After that, it’s T.J.’s turn to draw something on his side that Jackie has to mirror. T.J. might draw something like this:

The game continues, with Jackie and T.J. taking turns drawing and mirroring each other’s drawings. When we played, we usually didn’t know what we would end up drawing; we would just take turns drawing shapes and it would turn into a symmetrical drawing, usually a person or a robot:

A simple game, but entertaining, especially for young kids who like drawing silly pictures.


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