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One hundred


This is a great indoor group game, good for kids or adults. It can be chill and casual or fun and intense, whichever way you’d like to play.

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Spaz is a way fun game played around a pool table. It involves running, and flinging pool balls, so it might be best if you played around a not-super-nice pool table that has plenty of space around it.

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A good group game, played indoors or outdoors. One player sits in the middle of a circle and tries to grab a balled-up sock the rest of the players pass around secretly.

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Name that tune


A classic guessing game involving music. Use an iPod (or CD player or tape player or record player…), or a computer, a piano, or your voice, then play part of a song and get others to guess the name of the tune.

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The human knot

human knot

A fun game for on land or in the pool, one I often played with siblings and cousins. Players stand in a circle, grab hands, and form a giant human knot that everyone tries to untangle together.

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Freeze tag-with-all-your-limbs-bent-or-all-your-limbs-straight

limbs bent

A silly and hilarious variation of regular freeze tag. You play just how the title says. :)

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The dot game


A quiet two-player game played on paper. Great for killing time in a car ride, waiting in line for that midnight showing, during class…(oh, except, you should pay attention in class ;-))

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The candy bar game

Candy bar

A great party game for kids. What game involving candy wouldn’t be? The game is also kind of silly, so sure to involve laughter.

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