What it is: One of those big-group, invade-your-personal-space teambuilding games (the kind my husband actually hates because they can be awkward). But perfect if you have a lot of teenagers and you want to build team spirit and unity…spunity, if you will.

Best for: A big group of at least 20 people.

What you need: Just people to play, and somewhere like a big field where you can all fit in a circle (best played outside).

How to play: This is really more of a teambuilding activity than a game with winners and losers. There are no teams; just gather all of your participants together and have them stand in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder. Then in unison, have everyone turn to the right so everyone is facing the back of the person directly in front of them. If necessary, have everyone scoot in slightly so you’re all standing pretty close. Have everyone hold the shoulders of the person in front of them.

Then on the count of three, have everyone sit (on the lap of the person standing behind them). This needs to be done in unison or part of your circle will fall on the ground (which can be fun, too). Practice until you’ve successfully completed the human chair and everyone is sitting and stable on someone else’s lap.

*Very spunified human chairs will even be able to shuffle forward (kind of walk) all around the circle in unison, while sitting. Yep, something to aim for, for sure.


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