What it is: Just what it sounds like: playing catch with an invisible frisbee. 😉

Best for: 2 players or however many more you want.

What you need: An invisible frisbee, ha! Okay, just kidding. This game is great because you don’t need anything to play, just somewhere to play. (Probably outdoor, but indoor could be fine – there’s not very much danger of an invisible frisbee knocking over your favorite lamp, is there? Well, I guess someone’s arm still could…maybe scratch the indoor idea…)

How you play: Well, it’s just like regular frisbee, but you’ve got to use your imagination a little when you throw and catch. Just pantomime throwing a frisbee to your friend Alex. He can exaggeratedly make a dramatic dive and catch it, and toss it towards your friend Lizzy, but maybe Stephanie jumps up and intercepts it and passes it back to you…just have fun! It’s not really a winner-or-loser (or even different teams) game, but more of a silly fun activity to pass the time (like when you’re on a long car trip and you take a pit stop and want to stretch your muscles but you left your frisbee at home). It can be a real blast, too (especially for people like me who don’t have a ton of athletic coordination to catch and throw real frisbees and like pretending for once that they can make an awesome dive or pass).

Variations: It doesn’t have to be invisible frisbee; it could be invisible anything! Hacky sack, basketball, football, soccer, you name it – just get creative and have fun.

Examples: Once I was with some friends, standing around, killing time, and our other more talented friends pulled out a hacky sack and started to play. We weren’t good enough to join the hacky sackers, though, so (maybe only a little out of spite) we started our own invisible hacky sack game. It was great! And probably way more fun than the real thing. Seriously.

Or, another time my siblings and I were in a big open field, I think after fireworks on the Fourth of July, and as we were walking back to our car, we were filled with so much energy and good spirits that we started tossing around an invisible frisbee, that became a football, that became a baseball. Ah, good times. 🙂

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