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Telephone is a fun game for kids. Players whisper a phrase to each other and laugh as the phrase is misunderstood and repeated incorrectly.

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Spud is a great outdoor game for kids. Players throw and catch a kickball and try to tag other players out of the game.

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Corporation is a great indoor party game for teens or adults. Players use memory and what they know about other players to guess each other’s code names and create the biggest “corporation.”

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Name that movie


“Let me esplain…no, there is too much. Let me sum up.” ;-) Name that movie is a talking guessing game where players quote movies and other players guess which movie they’re quoting.

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The human chair


One of those big-group, invade-your-personal-space teambuilding games. Perfect if you have a lot of teenagers and you want to build team spirit and unity…spunity, if you will.

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