Here are some more detailed reviews of the DIY Escape Room – Science Lab Breakout kit.

DIY Escape Room Kit at home

“I can’t give enough praise for Game Gal’s Escape Room.We loved everything about it!

The set up instructions were clear and detailed, the printouts were professional-looking, the clues were creative and fun, and the game itself was extremely versatile in that guests of all ages could enjoy it.

Her tips for hiding clues gave us so many good ideas, and we had a lot of fun thinking of extra hiding spots that our guests would enjoy.

We ended up using the simplified instructions, since we were doing it for a youth group (ages 12-18), and it was just the right difficulty level–they used up all three clues and finished about 10 minutes before the hour deadline. They all gave rave reviews and asked if I could make another one for them to do. Please do, Game Gal!”

– Lisa T.

“We ran the Science Lab Escape Room during our family Thanksgiving vacation and it was AMAZING! We wanted something fun for all of the cousins (17 total, ranging from ages 6-21) to do together before we all left for home. Finding something to please that many kids of different ages and interests is TOUGH but this was the perfect solution!

We split them into two teams, one going into the room first, and they competed against each other for total time spent. Then we had a team of adults do it for fun, everyone had an absolute BLAST!

This game was so well thought-out and all the details were taken care of! We would definitely do it again, please make another one! GREAT JOB!”

– Ann B.